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Daikin Dehumidifier J2JV1.
Daikin Industrial Dehumidifier Brand NEW For Sale.
Dehumidifier in Pakistan.

General Info:

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Air filters are provided to remove dust and dirt
from the room air to ensure a clean air supply.

Product Images:

  1372921676_524776436_1-Pictures-of--DAIKIN-dehumidifier-J2JV1-made-in-japan- 1372921676_524776436_12-DAIKIN-dehumidifier-J2JV1-made-in-japan-- 1372921676_524776436_18-DAIKIN-dehumidifier-J2JV1-made-in-japan-- 1372921676_524776436_19-DAIKIN-dehumidifier-J2JV1-made-in-japan-- 1372921676_524776436_10-DAIKIN-dehumidifier-J2JV1-made-in-japan-- 1372921676_524776436_16-DAIKIN-dehumidifier-J2JV1-made-in-japan--

Dehumidifying capacity (ℓ/day)80(Condition of air:30oC60% RH)
73 (Condition of air:27oc 60% RH)
Power supplySingle phase,220V~240V,50Hz
Power consumption1.5 KW~1.7 KW
CompressorHermetically sealed rotary
Motor output1.5 KW
Fan TypeMulti–blade
Motor outputC.11 KW
Air flow rate23m3/min 812cfm
Fan speedOne step
Charge1.3 Kg
Dimensions(H x W x D)1,700mm x 750mm x 380mm
Machine weight120 Kg
Refrigerant controlThermal expansion valve
HumidistatFor Humidity Control
DefrostHot gas
Safety devicesOver current relay, High pressure switch,
Low temp protection thermostat.
Casing/colorCold rolled steel plate/ivory white
Standard accessoriesDischarge duct,fuse

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