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Moisture Removal Rate: 192L/Day (30°C RH80%)
Auto defrost: Yes
Safety: 3 minutes delayed for protecting
Maneuverability: 4 casters
Refrigerant: R22
Fan Speed: 2[/list]






Product Details:

Moisture removal (30°C RH80%) (ℓ/day)192L/Day
Power supplySingle phase,220V~240V,50Hz
Power consumption12A
CompressorRotary/ eddy
Drainage methodFlexile pipe
Fan Speed2
Net weight125kg
Working Temperature5-38ºC
Fan speed2
humidity can be set between(10-90%)
Dimensions(H x W x D)L*W*H:400*610*1600
Standard AsUK /USA/Japan
Control panelLED Display
Dimensions(H x W x D)L*W*H:400*610*1600

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