General Info:

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On / Off control with rotary switch
Collapsible handle for easy mobility
Large diameter rugged wheels
Steel Construction

Reverse cycle defrost system
25′ extra long power cord

Prodcut Images:


Product Specification:

The Ebac BD150 professional dehumidifier is the ideal unit for Industrial and commercial applications. With rugged wheels a collapsible handle and an all steel housing this unit is easily moved from area to area. The high water removal capacity makes this unit ideal for anyone needing dry out water damaged areas or quickly restore any space. The internal condensate pump means no messy buckets to empty. You can simply set the dehumidifier, run a hose to where you want to condensate to drain and then sit back and let this industrial strength machine do what it does best. This restoration dehumidifier is affordably priced and within the budget of most water damage and restoration specialists. Special Offer :- Get 5% Off on this Product. For more Information or want to buy this Product feel free to Conatct us.

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